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Colour Guide

The importance of colour in your brochures and catalogues should not be underestimated, as colour can help you get the most from your brochure.

Catalogues and brochures can now be printed using high definition for greater quality and a better range of colours. If your brochure is produced using poor quality, dull images it will not do justice for your brand or company and could actually have the opposite effect.

It is also important to have an understanding of colour when it comes to printing. When you look at a screen it is formatted in RGB colours, however print uses CMYK and Pantone colours. Therefore it is very hard to match colour from a screen. Most good quality printing companies can help you with CMYK codes and help you to decide which RGB is a good match. Most good printers will advise you on this.

There are some great products that can be used to make the most of colour on your brochure or catalogue, these include:

Fluorescent Inks: These can give your brochure or catalogue the wow factor as it will make the images or text really jump out of the page. For this you can choose from a range of colours, such as green, pink, yellow, orange and blue

Metallic Inks: It is also possible to use metallic colours in your print and these can also help add the wow factor. Many companies use colours such as gold and many other tones, text and images can be used with the metallic inks. This can really make your images stand out.

Special Pantone:
If you are looking to create a non-standard colour or you want to achieve a specific colour, then you can use special pantone colours on top of the standard CMKY colours. They can also be used as stand alone colours if required.

When looking for the an extra wow factor, most good printers should be able to produce the above effects and should be able to arrange to send you printed samples if required.