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Small Quantity Brochures

Over the last few years the technology within the digital printing sector has massively improved and as a result printing is now more cost effective.

In the past brochures and catalogues printed using lithographic were only printed in large numbers and it was therefore too expensive for a small quantity to be made. This is just one aspect of printing that has been revolutionised and it is now possible to print just 1 copy for a reasonable price.

Added Benefits

It is now a huge advantage to be able to offer small print quantities as it allows businesses to save money on printing. It also means that small orders can be produced within short time frames. It is not uncommon for printers to be able to turnaround small orders in a 24 hour timeframes. This can differ depending on how busy the printer is at any given time.

As a further additional benefits when ordering a small quantity, it is now possible to customize each brochure. This can really add value to your product as it can allow you to tailor your print to the specific customer.


In the past printing companies used machines which were essentially just upgraded colour photocopiers. However over the last few years technology has allowed the quality to vastly improve.

It is now often difficult to tell the difference between digital printing and lithographic printing.

How is the brochure made?

The digital printing process is much faster than lithographic printing as there is no need to produce printed plates.

We will first check the files to ensure that they have been set up correctly and we check that the printer has the correct paper inserted. We then will send the files to print in the same way as you would at home. The next step depends on the finishing method which is to be used onĀ  your catalogue, brochure, booklet or journal.

They can either be saddled stitched, perfect bound, PUR bound or wiro bound.


If you require a small quantity of catalogues or brochures (under 50) then digital printing is the ideal solution for you. As small quantities can be produced for cost effective prices. They can also be turned around within a short timeframe.

It is also perfect if you would like to personalise each of the items in your order.