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Material Guide

It can be hard to choose which paper to use for your brochure and catalogue as there are a huge variety of options available. On this page we have broken down the options that are open to you.

If you are  to produce a brochure which is PUR, Perfect bound or Wire-o bound, it is advisable to use a heavier weight paper material for the cover section.

Coated Papers

Coated papers have a smoother finish this helps to ensure that you’re brochure is brighter and more colourful as images gain more lift on a coated stock.

There are a number of types of coated paper available gloss, satin, silk and matt.

When asking for a quote for your brochure, it should be stated which coating you prefer NB, Satin, Silk and Matt stocks generally increase costs and they ideally need a sealer to finish and ensure no marking occurs during use.

All coated paper comes in a wide range of weights from 45gsm to 400gsm.

Uncoated Papers

If you are seeking a more natural look for the finish of your brochure, then you should use an uncoated stock of paper. These also come in  a huge range of different weights and shades.

We suggest asking to see samples to establish which is the best for you.

Recycled Papers

It is also possible for you to use recycled papers in the production of you’re brochure or catalogue. There are various options available including different shades, styles and weights.

Recycled papers can be popular with people who have brands that are associated with the environment or the green sector.

This will not be the cheapest often leads to a longer delivery time, however it might better suit your needs.

FSC and PEFC Paper

FSC : Forestry Stewardship Council

PEFC : Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification

If a brand or company is not going to consider recycled paper, but would still  like to be responsible and show  a commitment to the environment, then a good option would be to purchase a FSC or PEFC accredited paper

This means that it will follow guidelines which are set out by the FSC / PEFC, meaning that the paper  has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.