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Large Pagination Brochures

Its very important to look at which different printing suppliers can economically produce large pagination brochures and catalogues.

If you have a catalogue or brochure which is 56 pages or more  you be looking at B1 or Web presses. It would not be cost effective to go to a high street printing company as most of these will have smaller machines. So if you have a large pagination catalogue or brochure, then you’re first port of call is to find and contact printing companies which have B1 printing presses.

How do you know what size printing presses a printing company has?

Most companies will have a list on their website so that you can see what machines they are using.  If you have contacted a printing company and they don’t publish their plant list within their website, then it might be a good idea to contact them via email or phone and ask what size printing presses they have. Most printing companies will be very helpful and will share this information with you.

There are lots of types types of Printing Presses – Help

It can be quite daunting to select which printing company to work with. However it can be easy enough if you know the right questions to ask and what to look out for.

If your brochure or catalogue is full colour throughout then you would require a company who has a full colour printing presses. The most cost effective printing presses for large pagination brochures and catalogues tend to be B1 and Web printing presses.

Depending on quantity required will also determine what printing press will be used, for more information on this see the large and small quantity brochure pages within this site

Is there a limit of how many pages can be included within my brochure / catalogue?

There is no limit on pages that can be included within a brochure or catalogue. You have to work in 4 page sections, cost effective pagination will be dependent on the press being used.

With large pagination catalogues and brochures it is recommend that the paper weight is adjusted to suit the publication, If you have over 1000 pages you are going to be limited to a lower paper weight to ensure that pages can be bound correctly.

What type of finishing can be used for large Pagination brochures and catalogues?

For larger pagination catalogues and brochures we would recommend Perfect or PUR binding, due to the increase in pages you will need to ensure there is a strong binding method to bind the publication together, PUR giving it a stronger shelf life.

How do we know what size spine to create for the brochure / catalogue?

Once you have the final page count and paper to be used for your brochure / catalogue your printing company will be able to advise you what spine size is going to be required. This is pretty standard within the printing industry and most printing companies will be happy to supply you with this information. Once you know the size requirement of the spine you can then supply your spine as a separate part of the artwork to ensure that any text is centered and in the correction position.

Other areas to consider when designing a large pagination catalogue or brochure?

If you have lots of pages within your publication you should also consider how the design will look. If you design your brochure with live copy too close to the spine, when bound important content could look strange or be unreadable.

When you supply the artwork to the printing company please ask them to also check this for you, most companies have a duty to the client to highlight problems like this before they occur.