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Small Pagination Brochures

It is possible to print a brochure or catalogue that has a small page count.

They can be made using perfect bound binding and also Saddle Stitching. However it works in multiples of four. So you would need to have 8, 16, 20, 24 etc. This is the option we would recommend as it will likely be more cost effective. When you are working out how many pages you will need for your catalogue or brochure, you should remember to count the front and back of each page. This should also include the cover section.

If you chose to print your cover page on a different type of paper, you must include that on top of the number of inside pages. So for example, if you have 20 inner pages and your cover page is printed on a different type of paper, that is 20+4.

There are lots of different options forĀ  producingĀ  a small pagination catalogue or brochure.

If you fill out the request a quote page then a brochure printer will contact you directly